Starting in 2012, Alex's passion for coffee grew from experimenting with a commercial coffee machine and roaster. Creating beautiful top-grade coffee has attracted endless queues to his pop-up espresso bar. Through sourcing and roasting the coffee, using award-winning milk and concocting delicious drinks, he has built a dedicated following and is now sought after by the U.K.’s top film production companies. 


We carefully grade the beans we buy before roasting.  A multi-stage test roast and tasting is done before deciding the best profile for the batch and there is more examination to find the best grind and ratio for the espresso. All these procedures let us unlock the potential from the high-quality beans.



We use a variety of Arabica, high-altitude coffee beans from around the world, always looking for someting new, different, and flavoursome to satisfy the core coffee aficionados.

​​Some of our favourite beans are from the mountains and volcanic slopes of:

Rwanda "Sweet liquorice"
Colombia "Smooth chocolate"
Sumatra "Complex fruits"
Java "A hint of citrus"
Guatemala "Ripe berries"
 We use organic jersey milk from an award-winning dairy in Somerset where happy cows are reared with love. ​​​​​Their creamy milk is a perfect ​partner to our freshly roasted espresso. We also serve milk alternatives to explore various flavours.
 We care about the future of our planet and try to find ways to run a sustainable business. We only use compostable cups and trays for our catering. Our mission is to use coffee ground waste for renewable resources such as bio-fuel.

​​​​​​"The only thing that gets me through the day"

Claire Foy, Actor

​​"Coffee fit for a Queen! We love Moka Mafia, our unit love Moka Mafia, book them and make your day go great"

​​Andy Stebbing, Producer 'THE CROWN'​

​​"The whole crew perks up when Moka Mafia rolls in — the most essential tech van on any film unit! Alex's excellent own-roast coffee, varied menu, top tunes and, above all, cheery attitude even on the coldest, wettest days, brings a smile to the faces of our hardworking crew"

Benjamin Caron, Director 'THE CROWN'​​​

"Cameras, lights, sound, electrics, grip, make-up, costume and coffee! Alex’s Moka Mafia Espresso Bar is a fundamental part of our location shoots and quite often the first thing the crew go looking for upon arrival on set"

​Paul Olavesen-Stabb, Producer 'ONE BIG MOP PRODUCTIONS'