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Craft Service Team


Speciality Coffee & Craft Service For Film, TV & Corporate Events


Craft Service Coffee
Craft Service Coffee for film & TV

Speciality coffees, hot chocolates, herbal teas, iced lattes. Quality Jersey milk and barista oat mylk.

Craft Service Food
craft Service Food & Toasties for film & tv

Popular flapjacks, brownies & cakes. Hot toasties. Gluten-free & Vegan options.

Craft Service Smoothies

Cold-pressed ginger and apple shots, fresh smoothies with plant-based mylk. Super-boost your smoothies with Chia, Hemp, Maca or Flax seeds.

Craft Service Coffee Cup
Coffee Vans for Corporate

Customised Coffee Cart for your events.


The Crown S1-5 (Netflix 2015-2023)

The Gentlemen (Netflix 2023)

Adidas (Advert 2023)

Michael Kors (Advert 2023)

Call My Agent (Netflix 2021)

Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix 2021)

What's Love Got to Do With It?

(Working Title 2021)

Becoming Elizabeth (Stars 2021)

Gangs of London (Apple 2020 )

Ray James (Apple 2020)

Peter Rabbit 2 (Sony Pictures 2019)

355 (Universal Pictures 2019)

Black Mirror (Netflix 2018) 

Gomorrah S4 (Sky 2018)

Craft Service Coffee

We roast coffee not just serve it. We are  passionate micro-lot coffee roasting geeks who turn premium beans into a crafted melody, blending every note for a truly unforgettable taste experience.

Our on-set barista service offers a full range of delicious, caffeinated beverages from flat whites and cappuccinos to espressos and cold brews all creatively crafted with originality and precision.

Craft Service - Making Coffee
Craft Service - Juices

Smoothies & Juices

From mouthwatering mixed berries to super green ginger and apples, served with ice in summer or hot in winter, embark on a journey of flavour and vitality that will leave your production crew refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the world!

Craft Service Food

Our craft service food creations are a feast for the senses. We offer a variety of fresh healthy options to decadent treats with artisan bakes with the finest ingredients, delicious gluten-free & vegan options including brownies, pastries, flapjacks, cake slices and gluten free coconut granola yoghurt pot. We also provide tasty savoury snacks like our gorgeous Somerset cheddar truffle and chorizo craft pot, hummus pot with veggie sticks and hot toasties.

Craft Service Pastries & Coffee
Craft Service Coffee Van

Coffee & Craft Service Vans

Our mobile craft service vans are equipped with state-of-the-art coffee-making equipment and a fully stocked craft service station. We bring the coffee shop experience directly to your film or television production location guaranteeing a delightful experience for your team. We can supply single station coffee carts as well as coffee vans equipped with two espresso machines and two baristas which is ideal for larger shoots.

A Craft Service with Care

We are committed to consciously source our ingredients from environmentally friendly producers and farmers. and buy milks and most key ingredients directly from farmers. We know that each film production is unique, and our knowledgeable team is on hand to guide you through our flexible craft service packages to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need a quick coffee break or a full-scale craft service setup, we can customise to fit your needs.

Our team delivers exceptional service with a smile. We know what goes into making a great film or TV production and for our part we create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making your cast and crew feel appreciated and cared for.

Craft Service Fruit and Drinks

"Alex and his coffee potions kept me going for the months and extra long days of the Crown. I guzzled his elixirs and out popped Princess Margaret. He’s magic and so are his coffees" 

Helena Bonham Carter

"The only thing that gets me through the day"

Claire Foy

"An army marches on its stomach, and The Crown marches on Alex's coffee. We basically wouldn’t survive without him and his van of marvels."

Olivia Colman

"Coffee fit for a Queen! We love Moka Mafia, our unit love Moka Mafia, book them and make your day go great"

Andy Stebbing,

Producer 'THE CROWN'

"The whole crew perks up when Moka Mafia rolls in — the most essential tech van on any film unit! Alex's excellent own-roast coffee, varied menu, top tunes and, above all, cheery attitude even on the coldest, wettest days, brings a smile to the faces of our hardworking crew"

Benjamin Caron,

Director 'THE CROWN'

"Alex’s coffee is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted on OR off set. And he’s a saint to go along with it. (He also has Oat milk for hipster allergic types like me)"

Josh O'Connor

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