Speciality coffee & craft service, 

exclusively working with film and TV productions since 2015


coffee VAN

Speciality coffees, hot chocolates, herbal teas, iced lattes. Quality Jersey milk and barista oat mylk.


Cold-pressed ginger and apple shots, fresh smoothies with plant-based mylk. Super-boost your smoothies with Chia, Hemp, Maca or Flax seeds.


Popular flapjacks, brownies & cakes. Raw cacao energy balls. Gluten-free & Vegan options.

diy production
coffee kit

A complete coffee kit for productions to make awesome coffee for their cast & crew.

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"Alex and his coffee potions kept me going for the months and extra long days of the Crown. I guzzled his elixirs and out popped Princess Margaret. He’s magic and so are his coffees" 

Helena Bonham Carter

"The only thing that gets me through the day"

Claire Foy

"An army marches on its stomach, and The Crown marches on Alex's coffee. We basically wouldn’t survive without him and his van of marvels."

Olivia Colman

"Coffee fit for a Queen! We love Moka Mafia, our unit love Moka Mafia, book them and make your day go great"

Andy Stebbing,

Producer 'THE CROWN'

"The whole crew perks up when Moka Mafia rolls in — the most essential tech van on any film unit! Alex's excellent own-roast coffee, varied menu, top tunes and, above all, cheery attitude even on the coldest, wettest days, brings a smile to the faces of our hardworking crew"

Benjamin Caron,

Director 'THE CROWN'

"Alex’s coffee is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted on OR off set. And he’s a saint to go along with it. (He also has Oat milk for hipster allergic types like me)"

Josh O'Connor