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Moka Mafia has been leading the field in speciality craft services for over 7 years now. A combination of expertly brewed hot drinks, healthy snacks, smoothies, juices and piping hot paninis has kept tv and film crews going through thick and thin. Our fleet of custom made coffee vans are renowned for getting in and out of the most challenging TV and Film locations, whether it is a Scottish mountainside, a muddy field or an inhospitable neighbourhood. 
We have two large Mercedes Sprinters and a more compact Ford Transit. On the outside, the vans attract no unwanted attention. On the inside they are designed to be warm and accommodating, sheltering crew while ordering and set up for fast paced busy days. Our team of baristas are friendly, efficient and adept at making sure the cast and crew get what they need.
Our newest van has two espresso machines and can facilitate two baristas, so it’s ideal for larger shoots. And with our full fleet we can cater for most occasions big or small.

coffee and craft service
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